"I am 40 years old and found my need for Hearing aids. Dr. Ginter and her staff has always made me feel comfortable. Dr. Ginter worked with me to find the right fit of hearing aid and did not push to a more expensive aid. I am truly blessed to be able to hear again and the outdoors has never sounded so good. I highly recommend Dr. Ginter and her staff for all your hearing needs."

Jeff K.

"I am 69 years old and have worn one hearing aid from the age of 17 years old. About 20 years ago I started wearing two hearing aids.

In July of 2008, I purchased new digital hearing aids from Dr. Ginter. It was a positive and exciting experience. With my new hearing aids, I can hear my four friends at our weekly coffee get-together and they don't have to repeat their remarks to me.

Now, I am able to hear the waiter or waitress in the restuarant much better. I have heard sounds that I have not heard before.  I can now listen to music in the car and enjoy hearing the different musical instruments. I highly recommend Family Hearing Center for their service.  I received excellent services and special attention was focused on my receiving the best hearing aids available for me."

Betty B.

"I am thrilled with my new Widex hearing aids. I can hear my grandkids much better and enjoy wearing them on the golf course; which I couldn't do with my old ones. Dr. Ginter is so easy to work with and I never feel rushed. She takes her time to listen to my concerns. Family Hearing Center is a GREAT place!"

Mark B.